Bonjour! Je m’appelle Delphine…

I love to help people learn in a fun way!

I believe that learning French should be fun, the goal being that you enjoy communicating easily. No matter how little you have learnt, or how long ago, you will improve with just a bit of practice! I can help you with spoken or written French, and help you get ready for exams.

I want to chat with you about your interests: hobbies, animals, family, work, travels…

I can support you on your learning journey. I want to give you lots of tips to make French part of your daily life, rather than a tedious task that you have to suffer…

I will give you motivation to be bold, to carry on and go further in your speaking abilities.

I am available daytime and evenings, and can travel if necessary. I also run fun and friendly weekly conversation clubs around Cornwall.

Contact me today to discuss how I can help you improve your French!

I enjoy the club and its relaxed manner, which owes a lot to you, Delphine. It is nice to be where you do not feel anxious about making mistakes and talking about a range of topics. In the past I have rather avoided French lessons for a worry about things not being totally correct in terms of grammar etc. I feel reasonably confident about trying to speak French and in France I do not worry if I make a few mistakes and I feel thankfully that is the same with our club. Also at the Club I feel we are broadly of similar ability so no one feels out of place. I have a reasonably good memory for vocabulary which helps and perhaps what I need to do more is to work on the verbs and the different tenses as often I cheat by operating largely in the present tense!! But I enjoy myself!


I enjoy myself!

The Club provides an encouraging, comfortable environment in which to practise speaking French without embarrassment or awkwardness, which means you try more even when you’re not quite sure. You make it into an enjoyable, fun meeting with lots of laughter (in a good way!).


Enjoyable & fun