Conversation Clubs

What is a Conversation Club?

At a Conversation Club, you practise speaking French at your level, with a small group of people like you: we all want to improve our French and have fun! We chat about our weekend, play games and quizzes… We laugh together, and help each other improve. Read here what people say about it!

Please get in touch with me if you are not sure which level you are, or which club would be best for you. They get booked up quite quickly, so make sure to book your ticket while it is still available!


French Clubs

Current Locations:

Monday – 9.30am & 11am @ The Green parrot in Perranporth

Wednesday morning – 10am @ Choukette in Newquay

Wednesday lunchtime – 12.15am @ The Lookout, Retallack in St Columb Major

Wednesday evening – 6.30pm & 8pm @ Scorrier Chapel

Thursday – 5.30pm @ Choukette in Newquay

Friday – 9.30am & 11am @ Sainsbury’s café in Truro


young couple in cafe


Intermediate speakers meet at Choukette, The French patisserie:

  • Every Wednesday at 10am.
  • Every Thursday at 5.30pm

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Intermediate & Advanced speakers meet at The Green Parrot in Perranporth, every Monday at 9.30am.

Beginners and Intermediate meet a little bit later every Monday at 11am.

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Beginners meet at the Scorrier Chapel every Wednesday at 6.30pm.

Intermediate and Advanced meet a bit later every Wednesday at 8pm.


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Beginners and Intermediate meet at the Sainsbury’s café every Friday at 9.30am.

Intermediate and Advanced meet a bit later every Friday at 11am.

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Saint Columb Major

Intermediate and Advanced meet at ‘The Lookout café’ at Retallack resort every Wednesday at 12.15am.

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