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Delphine was absolutely invaluable in helping me prepare for my end of year French oral exam. Most of my course was text book based and as a result my conversational French was not where I would have liked. My sessions with Delphine helped me break my mental block, corrected all of my dodgy pronunciation and gave me enormous confidence. Plus, I learnt a lot of real French! All the while, Delphine was patient, friendly and encouraging. I have enjoyed my sessions so far and I look forward to having more 

 James S.

Delphine was patient, friendly and encouraging

We do group sessions with Delphine, the children love it and have really taken to French because of how fun she makes it! Delphine really goes the extra mile in creating fun interactive games and songs! It is perfect having a native teacher as she really knows what she’s teaching catering for each child even though they are of different ages! It’s a special time in our weeks!

 Lucy A.

A special time in our weeks!

My daughter attended French conversation classes with Delphine who really helped build her confidence by making classes fun and relevant.

 Katie J.

Fun and relevant

Very friendly and interactive group led by Delphine who encourages the conversation aided by using interesting board game and word games in French. Being able to think and speak in the language on a regular basis is a great benefit. Simon F.

Very friendly and interactive group!

I had some beginner lessons, to help prepare me for working in a French speaking country. Delphine was really great at teaching me the basics and finding extra sources to help me learn in between lessons and the more advanced French as I progressed. It has really helped me at working and living abroad, and I would highly recommend Delphine to anyone thinking about having lessons!

Jack C.

I would highly recommend Delphine!